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Those difficult moments will be over fast with this fun, proven program that will calm your child’s fears and discomfort.

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Sing and Hum Bumblebee, an illuminating picture book and soothing CD, provides an interactive approach for families to playfully participate together using music as a simple yet powerful coping tool for life’s everyday challenges.

Sing and Hum is research-backed music therapy -- not just a “lullaby." The soundtrack is intentionally calming,while children listen to the story of a young Bumblebee who finds inspiration by singing a song taught by the wise Queen Bee! Children seem to relax and ease their pain and fears.

What Professionals Are Saying:

There is a considerable body of research that suggests that when we sing, that vibration resonates within, having a beneficial impact physically and emotionally on both the child and parent.   Mitchell L. Gaynor M.D. who wrote “The Healing Power on Sound” calls it a “Life Song.” We all have one and it is as defining as our own finger prints.  These connections to sounds that become a life force start long before birth and carry us through the good and bad times, they become the defining moments and the Legacy to our life. . .

What Parents Are Saying:

"Sing and Hum is nothing short of miraculous!! Every time my sons have "meltdowns," they calm down IMMEDIATELY upon hearing the CD. It has become my favorite calming tool for them.  AMAZING!!!  IT REALLY WORKS!!! You can't help but fall in love with it when you see how effective it is. I am recommending it to all of my OT clients and colleagues.  I also highly recommend it to all parents of young children." - Dana, Pediatric OT/L

A Percent of Profits go to Children's Organizations


Current Events

Ronald McDonald House

Sing and Hum will be visiting two Ronald McDonald House's in the North Carolina Triangle area each month.  They will be in Chapel Hill on the first Wednesday and in Durham on the first Friday of every month to bring the inspiring music and message of Sing and Hum to the children and families.  Books and CD's will be donated to all who attend.

Ronald McDonald Houses
Chapel Hill and Durham, NC


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