The Sing and Hum Bumblebee Program

Use the healing power of music to help youngsters cope with fear, pain and other childhood challenges - with a seemingly simple device - singing and humming. Teased, physically challenged, and sometimes scared, a young bumblebee learns to accept and embrace the challenges of life by singing an intentionally calming and lyrically inspired song taught by the wise Queen Bee. Together, with the bumblebee, children find comfort, inner peace, and delight.

Sing and Hum Bumblebee Book

Many children's books teach life's lessons. Few teach children the coping mechanisms for dealing with stressful situations.

The book’s vibrant illustrations illuminate and animate the story, drawing the child into the character. The intentionally soft face and gender free character of the young bumblebee becomes an inspiration for any child. When the bumblebee feels lost in the clover, children are encouraged to help find eight hidden friends in the illustration. This creates an actual shift in visual perception for the child before the story closes with the Queen Bee once again reminding the little bee to Sing Your Tune!

Sing and Hum CD

"The ultimate meltdown remedy" for children

A delightful journey for children using music and sound as therapy, is the foundation of 'Sing and Hum', the CD soundtrack to accompany the Sing and Hum Bumblebee book. Through the use of beautiful harmonic tones and a song with a soothing message, children calm themselves easily and playfully. Narrated by children, a young bumblebee finds inspiration and empowerment to face life's challenges by singing and humming.

Finger Puppet (value $3.95)

FREE with your purchase of the Book and CD combo

Some children are tactile learners and like to have something to hold.  Sing and Hum wants to inspire children of all learning styles, so the Bumblebee Finger Puppet was created to address this need. The Bumblebee serves as a reminder that we have a beautiful melody always waiting inside for us to sing!

These beautiful, handmade puppets help tell the story of Sing and Hum Bumblebee. Made by Peruvian women using fair-trade practices.

Sing and Hum Bumblee Book and CD plus FREE finger puppet $29.95


"Last summer I received a sample of your inspiring work, Sing and Hum Bumblebee. It has such an incredible concept. I took it home and used it with my own three year old and it is a favorite! Sing and Hum Bumblebee has so much energy and life. As a writer and illustrator myself, your book was inspiring to my creative soul."
- Joy, Kids Club Coordinator, UNC TV


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Current Events

Ronald McDonald House

Sing and Hum will be visiting two Ronald McDonald House's in the North Carolina Triangle area each month.  They will be in Chapel Hill on the first Wednesday and in Durham on the first Friday of every month to bring the inspiring music and message of Sing and Hum to the children and families.  Books and CD's will be donated to all who attend.

Ronald McDonald Houses
Chapel Hill and Durham, NC


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