Sing and Hum Results

Family Results

A mother bought Sing and Hum before the family vacation to Maine.  During the long car drive, her child listened to Sing and Hum for hours, continuously being both calmed and entertained.  The amazing part for the mother was not only how effective it was, but how it never seemed to get tiring even played over and over!

A family was having difficulty with issues at home, which was making it hard for the young child to fall asleep at night.  When they received Sing and Hum Bumblebee as a gift, the mother noticed that when she played the CD, not only was it easier for the five year old to fall asleep, but it even put the baby to sleep.

A 6 year old girl who has been on medication for ADD/ADHD was using Sing and Hum Bumblebee at home and learning the ability to 'hum' through challenges.  When her grandmother picked her up at school one day, the child was a bit upset about some difficulty she was having with classmates teasing her.  The grandmother asked what she did to handle the situation, and the little girl explained that she just 'quietly sang about the bumblebee'.

A two year old was having difficulty staying asleep at night.  The mother and father decided to try playing the Sing and Hum CD on repeat for the night.  Now when the child wakes at night, the CD seems to lull her right back to sleep.

A mother of an autistic child was given a copy of Sing and Hum Bumblebee.  She noticed that if she played the CD when her child was upset, it seemed to 'reset' him and calm him immediately.  She says that in all the catalogs of helpful methods and coping tools for autistic children, Sing and Hum is the ONLY thing she has found that works consistently to calm her child.

A father was holding this same autistic child at a restaurant, and when the mother walked away, the child started to get very upset.  As the father was holding him, he began to sing to him "sing and hum bumblebee, find your inner harmony', and it soothed him enough to maintain until the mother returned.  Of course this also calms the father and creates a tool to use in a situation that otherwise might have felt a bit helpless.

The mother of a two year old uses Sing and Hum Bumblebee consistently with her child when she gets hurt, the little bumps and bruises of life!  She has little bumblebee sneakers, and when the little girls gets hurt the mother points to the bumblebees and the little girl says "humm".  So simple and so effective to calm her down!

Clinical Results

In a children's hospital, Sing and Hum Bumblebee was brought to the rooms of some of the children and the results were amazing.  The distraught little faces would light up as smiles and joy returned when the story was read and children and families were reminded that singing and humming can help ease pain and fears.

A little 2-3 year old boy in a hospital recovery center came to the Sing and Hum story reading.  He was sitting very quietly and a bit withdrawn on the sofa.  The introduction to the CD was played, which is very calming for children.  When Maya began to read the story, he looked at the bright illustrations and leaped off the couch and began dancing in front of the book and pointing to the bumblebee.  He continued to dance around the room for the rest of the story, playing with the bumblebee finger puppet and showing signs of complete returning to joy.  This was an amazing transformation to witness.


"Our family has been having some challenging times, and our three year old has not been sleeping well. We got Sing and Hum as a gift and she goes to bed peacefully with it every night. It even puts the baby to sleep."
- Suki


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Current Events

Ronald McDonald House

Sing and Hum will be visiting two Ronald McDonald House's in the North Carolina Triangle area each month.  They will be in Chapel Hill on the first Wednesday and in Durham on the first Friday of every month to bring the inspiring music and message of Sing and Hum to the children and families.  Books and CD's will be donated to all who attend.

Ronald McDonald Houses
Chapel Hill and Durham, NC


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